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Now that school is back in session, you’re probably running around your kitchen making your family breakfast, whipping up lunches for the kids, and packing snacks for after-school activities. In all your rush, you may find yourself tossing all of your food scraps into your garbage disposal simply because it’s convenient.

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However, your garbage disposal isn’t meant to handle everything in your kitchen. If you want to keep your unit running well, here are some things that should never go down your garbage disposal.

Grease and Oil

Never pour oil or grease down your garbage disposal. They can solidify and create a clog in your pipes and prevent you from using your disposal entirely. After cooking, pour oil or grease into an old can, let it harden, and toss it in the trash.

Egg Shells

You may love eggs for breakfast, but your disposal hates their shells. The membrane inside eggshells can wrap itself around the moving parts of your disposal and damage them. There’s a myth that eggshells can sharpen your unit’s blades, but that’s folly.

If you want to be environmentally-friendly, try composting your eggshells instead.


Think about how tough it is to cut through the bone of a steak. Your garbage disposal isn’t designed to crush animal bones, so don’t try to make it. Even though some units are supposedly designed to handle small bones from chicken or fish, it’s best to avoid tossing bones in there entirely.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds aren’t necessarily bad for your disposal, but they’re awful for your plumbing. The grounds can easily build up in your pipes and form a clog. Dispose of coffee grounds in the trash instead.


Pasta is very starchy and becomes very sticky once its cooked. If you put pasta down your garbage disposal, it can cling to the sides of your pipes. Plus, if noodles get caught in your unit, they can expand whenever you run water down the disposal and create a clog.

Stringy or Fibrous Vegetables

Stringy fruits or vegetables, like celery, can get wrapped around your disposal blades, while fibrous foods, such as banana peels or potato peels, can cover the walls of your disposal in a layer of goop.

Like the eggshells, you can compost these to be more eco-friendly.

Let HARP Help with Your Disposal

If you find yourself with a plumbing problem caused by your garbage disposal, trust the experts at HARP Home Services LLC to get your unit back up and running! We even offer 24/7 emergency service for more serious clogs.

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