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Emergency A/C Services in Hartford

HARP Home Services Is Available to You 24/7

At HARP Home Services, we understand that emergencies can happen any time of day—or night. If your air conditioner breaks down in the middle of a sweltering heat wave, it can affect your family’s health as well as their comfort, especially for older adults, young children, and pets. That’s why we’re available to you around the clock for emergency A/C services in Hartford. You can even reach us on weekends and holidays.

Our company was founded on the principles of the Golden Rule, so we treat our customers the way we’d like to be treated. That means we never charge extra for emergency services and repairs. We know that you can’t predict when an emergency will arise, so we don’t think it’s fair to charge you more for it.

Get help fast for A/C issues that simply cannot wait until regular business hours when you contact HARP Home Services!

How Will I Know That It’s Truly an Emergency?

When in doubt, contact the professionals at HARP Home Services. We’re available to you 24/7, and with a few quick questions, we will be able to determine whether or not you are dealing with a true emergency. Sometimes you may have a potential emergency brewing, but you may think everything is fine or that it can wait. Knowing the signs of an impending A/C emergency can help you know when to call us for repair.

Contact our experienced A/C technicians if you notice:

  • Screeching or other loud, unusual noises that may indicate a fan belt is loose or the pressure level of the compressor is too high
  • Strange smells, especially a burning smell, which could mean components have overheated or are melting
  • No cool air or a lessened air flow, which can result from a number of different issues or malfunctions

Our factory-trained, knowledgeable technicians at HARP Home Services can accurately assess, diagnose, and fix A/C emergency issues quickly and efficiently to make sure you and your family are comfortable indoors as soon as possible.

HARP Home Services is ready to help 24/7! Contact for emergency A/C service in Hartford and throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Your comfort is our top priority!

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