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4 Common Home Plumbing Myths

4 Common Home Plumbing Myths

When it comes to your money, safety, and comfort, it’s important to have all the facts straight. Unfortunately, when it comes to your homes plumbing, there are a few common misconceptions that can negatively affect all three.

Don’t Be Fooled By These 4 Plumbing Myths!

1. Low-flow toilets aren’t effective

FACT: With new technology and design, low-flow toilets are one of the top models when it comes to performance standards. Many low-flow toilets have earned the WaterSense label, meaning they meet EPA’s highest efficiency and performance requirements.

If you want to learn how much you can save by installing a WaterSense product (including a toilet), use EPA’s Water Savings Calculator.

2. Repairs don’t cost more than the materials.

FACT: There are times where the costs of labor and repair will exceed the materials costs. But keep in mind, a good plumber will correctly diagnose the problem, fix the issue the first time, and provide a warranty — all well-worth the money.

If you’re in need of a trust, professional plumber, contact HARP Home Services.

3. The lowest plumbing quote saves you money.

FACT: Our natural instinct may be to choose the lowest quote we can find, but it oftentimes leads us to the lowest quality professionals as well. You want a contractor you can trust, who will give you a reasonable quote and a reasonable overall cost.

4. Water-efficient products are too expensive and hard to find.

FACT: Affordable and efficient water products are all the rage right now, which means you are bound to find a large selection at retail stores and even online. Don’t hesitate to ask your plumber for their advice as well! They will be able to help you make a more informed decision on models and styles best suited for your home.

Don’t be fooled! If you run into any questionable plumbing advice, ask one of the experts at HARP Home Services. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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