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How To Prep Your Air Conditioner For Spring

How To Prep Your Air Conditioner For Spring

Are you ready to save time and money? The secret is to prep your air conditioner for the spring. This may not be the first thing on your mind after experiencing our fourth nor’easter, but neglecting annual maintenance can lead to damage you don’t want to deal with once the weather turns around.

1. Replace the Filter.

This is one of the most common maintenance tasks that many homeowners forget, but it’s also one of the most important. A dirty air filter limits your indoor air quality and increases your systems wear-and-tear, spiking your energy bills. To help you remember, try setting reminders on your phone or writing it on the filter itself.

Our team suggests cleaning or replacing your air filters every one to two months.

2. Clear the Drain.

If your air conditioners drain is clogged, the system won’t be able to work as efficiently as possible, not to mention it can also cause flooding. A professional can help remove any items blocking the drain to help prevent this issue.

3. Clean the Coils.

During the off-season, it’s common for your condenser coils to catch dirt and debris. But don’t let that hinder your HVAC systems performance — call a professional to clean your coils! This will make your system more efficient, lower your energy bills, and prolong your unit’s lifespan.

4. Prep your Exterior Unit.

There has been plenty of snow and rain the last few months, so chances are your exterior unit needs a little TLC. Clear away any leaves, branches, and shrubbery blocking the unit — you want a minimum of 2 feet of clearance around the whole exterior system.

5. Schedule a professional tuneup

One of the best ways to prep your AC for the spring is by scheduling a tuneup with HARP Home Services. Our expert technicians will examine your system and make sure it’s ready for all of your comforting needs.

Ideally, customers call us before the warmer season starts to make sure your AC is tuned up and ready to go to avoid sudden air conditioner repairs, but you can call us anytime and we will be right over!

Enjoy a nice, cool home this summer with anair conditioning system tune-up in Windsor Locks and throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts. Our upfront, no-surprise pricing means you’ll always know exactly what to expect.

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