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Hanging Your Holiday Lights Safely

Hanging Your Holiday Lights Safely

When the holiday season rolls around, what’s the first decoration you reach for? Your lights, of course! But those lights should never go straight from their storage box to your tree. If you want to keep your home safe from any electrical issues, you need to take a little precaution when it comes to hanging those holiday lights.

Check Your Wires

We’ve all spent a minimum of 20 minutes untangling holiday lights that somehow got all knotted up during their 11-month storage period, so take some time to inspect their wires. Are any frayed or torn? If they are, get rid of those strands right away. Frayed wires are an electrocution waiting to happen.

Go Easy on Your Outlets

Your outlets (and the circuits they’re on) can only handle so much electricity at one time. That being the case, you shouldn’t be plugging every light strand you have into the same electrical source. For safety purposes, limit each outlet to two strands of lights.

Careful with Your Tree

There’s seldom a Christmas tree that isn’t adorned with lights — but these trees are also the holiday decoration that’s most likely to go up in flames. If you’re putting lights on an artificial tree, make sure the tree itself is non-flammable. If you’re decorating a real tree, keep it well-watered so the heat from your holiday lights doesn’t ignite the overly-dry needles.

Don’t Staple or Nail Through Wires

Whether you’re hanging your lights outside or inside, never secure wires with staples or nails. Using either will lead to the wires becoming frayed and can put you or your home at risk of electrocution or a fire. Instead, use plastic clips or hooks to secure each light strands.


Once your lights are safely hung, make sure the rest of your home stays toasty warm and safe for the holidays. For all your heating needs in Windsor Locks, give HARP a call.