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10 Things About Boilers You Should Know

10 Things About Boilers You Should Know

It’s tough to get through the cold New England winters. Thankfully, boilers can make it much more bearable! Our experts are sharing some of the top things you should know about boiler systems.

1. How Do Boilers Work?

A boiler heats your home using water/steam instead of air like a furnace. A boiler holds water and heats it to your desired temperature to heat your home. After the water has efficiently heat your home, it returns to the boiler to reheat and start again.

2. Do Boilers “Boil” Water?

Boilers do not “boil” water — they simply heat it up, to a specific temperature, just like water heaters. However, if your home has an old radiator, there is a chance that the boiler does boil water for steam.

3. Do I Have to Hire A Company For Maintenance?

Finding the right company for maintenance and repairs makes all the difference! So leave your DIY projects aside and figure out who will assume the responsibility of your boiler first and foremost.

4. Why Do Boilers Break Down?

There are a few reasons why your boiler may stop working — pump failure, electrical outages, or low water pressure.

5. Do Boilers Prevent Humidity Issues?

A low-efficiency boiler could end up drying out your home, but boilers don’t technically remove or add humidity (unless you own a cast iron boiler).

6. Do Boilers Waste Water?

No, boilers use a closed system that recycles heated water.

7. Do Boilers Waste Energy?

Today’s boilers are much more energy-efficient than older models — the savings may shock you!

8. How Do You Know if Your Boiler is Working Efficiently?

Boilers are very durable — even more durable than furnaces and heat pumps. But, it’s still important to schedule a tune-up! Call your local technician to ensure everything is working correctly.

9. What Are Some Cons?

A few disadvantages to boilers include damaging leaks, increased installation time, and difficulty switching systems (i.e., from a boiler to a furnace).

10. What Are Some Pros?

Some of the top advantages of having a boiler include consistent heat, quiet operation, and low maintenance since you don't have to worry about filters.

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