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Why You Should Buy Energy Star Products

Why You Should Buy Energy Star Products

At HARP, we know how much effort you, as a homeowner, put into making your home as efficient as possible to keep your utility bills low. That’s why you should always opt for Energy Star products when replacing your appliances, home comfort systems, and lights. But there are also plenty of other reasons why you should buy Energy Star products!

Why You Should Buy Energy Star Products

Help the Environment

The resources we use aren’t going to be around forever. When we use less energy by using Energy Star products, you don’t put as much strain on the resources used to power your appliances and home systems.

For example, an Energy Star furnace can be 11% more efficient than traditional models. While that may not seem like a lot — even though it is — imagine if everyone made the switch to that furnace model? That’s a lot of unused energy that isn’t being taken from the environment.

Earn Tax Credits

In certain areas of the country, state and/or federal tax credits are offered to homeowners who use Energy Star products. This can allow you to write off the amount of sales tax you spend when you purchase more energy efficient products for your home.

Save Money on Utility Bills

As we mentioned before, you can save a lot of money each year if you make the switch to Energy Star products. Since they don’t use as much energy and are more efficient at their jobs, you don’t spend nearly as much on your bills.

For example, if you install an Energy Star heat pump water heater, you may be able to save up a few hundred dollars per year on your utility bill!

Longer Product Life

When an appliance or home system runs inefficiently, it has to work harder to do its job. This can cause the system to break down sooner and have an overall shorter lifespan. Since Energy Star products run very efficiently, they can remain in good shape, so you won’t have to replace your system nearly as soon as you would a traditional system.

When it comes to filling your home will Energy Star rated products, trust the experts at {Sub:BusinessName} for help. We can install energy-efficient heating and cooling systems in your home to give you and your family lasting comfort and lower utility bills.

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