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Save Money While Increasing Plumbing Efficiency

Save Money While Increasing Plumbing Efficiency

Are you interested in increasing your water conservation efforts? If not, you should be! Water is a limited resource, with less than 1% of the water on Earth available for people.

Surprisingly, one of the easiest ways to get started is with your home’s plumbing.

Make Your Home More Eco Friendly

It’s a common misconception that energy efficient systems mean lower performance since the system uses less energy to run. But in fact, energy-efficient models work smarter…not harder!

So switch to energy efficient systems and appliances in your home whenever possible — keep a look out for that Energy Star label!


Toilets use the most water in your entire home, with standard models using around 3.5 - 7 gallons per flush.

We suggest replacing your old model with a new, low-flow one. This can cut your water consumption by 25% or more — and that’s not all! Installing a new toilet for your home can also save you up to $90 a year on your water bill, which is up to $2000 over the toilet’s lifetime.

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Water heaters

Depending on where you live, water heaters can account for 14-18% of your utility bills. So when it comes time to replace a water heater (usually between 8 to 20 years), consider investing in an Energy Star certified model. These systems decrease energy usage and water consumption, all while saving money – that’s a triple win in our book.

Shower Heads

This plumbing fixture uses 17% of your home’s total water consumption. Think about it — sometimes we shower twice a day, every day...that’s a lot of water! Installing one energy efficient showerhead can save 2,900 gallons of water per year.

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