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Four Signs You Need a Sump Pump Repair

Four Signs You Need a Sump Pump Repair

One of the best defenses against home water damage and flooding is a sump pump. Its main job to detect excess water and pump it out and away from your home to protect your foundation, home, and belongings.

Thing is, if your sump pump isn’t working properly, it’s not protecting your home from anything. These are a few signs you should be on the lookout for that indicate you need a sump pump repair.

It’s very noisy when it runs.

It’s common for any machine to make a little noise when it runs, but if the noise coming from your sump pump keeps getting louder and louder, it’s usually a sign that there is an issue with the gear, and you should schedule a repair.

It smells like mold or mildew.

Anytime a system in your home smells like mold, a red flag should go off in your head. Mildew smells tend to come from dirty sump pumps or ones with tanks that need to be drained. However, they can also be caused by a clog, which you may need professional help to remove — especially if you want to avoid handling a big mess yourself.

It’s running for too long.

Your sump pump should stop running when it's completed its job of moving water away from your home. If it continues running for too long, that’s typically a sign that it doesn't have enough power to move water quickly and efficiently. If your unit can’t handle the water near your home, it can’t protect your home either.

It doesn’t turn on.

The only thing worse than a sump pump that runs too long is one that doesn’t run at all. A faulty switch or floating mechanism could prevent your sump pump from working when you need it most. This is a repair you’ll want to make right away since there isn’t much point to having a sump pump that doesn’t turn on.

When it comes to keeping your home safe from water damage, a well-working sump pump is a great first line of defense! The experts at HARP Home Services can help ensure your sump pump functions in prime condition all-year round. When you want peace of mind during a storm, contact our team for help.

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