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Maintenance to Perform Before Turning On Your AC

Maintenance to Perform Before Turning On Your AC

It's that time of year again when you're getting ready to turn your AC on for warmer weather. However, since it’s been sitting idle the past few months, before you flip that switch on, you need to do a few tasks to make sure that your air conditioner is ready to handle the heat.

Replace Your HVAC Filter

You should already be doing this each month, but in case you haven't, replace your old HVAC filter with a new, clean one. A dirty filter will restrict the airflow in your unit and make it work harder to operate, raising your energy bills in the process. Talk about a poor start to the season.

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Clean Up Outside

With all the harsh weather we get during winter, you shouldn’t be surprised to see a mess of leaves, branches, and other debris surrounding your outdoor condenser unit. Since all that debris can block your unit’s airflow, clear it all away and make sure the condenser has a clear area around it.

Inspect Your Registers and Vents

There shouldn’t be any furniture, drapery, or other objects directly in front of your air registers. Now only does this inhibit your AC system’s airflow, but it makes it harder for your system to cool your home. Walk around your house and move any objects that may be blocking the registers.

Double-Check Your Thermostat

Make sure the thermostat is set to a reasonable temperature. Setting it too low or high can make your AC system run longer to achieve a certain temperature, while making a home uncomfortable in the process..

Schedule a Tune-Up

Little DIY tasks are helpful, but to really ensure that your AC is ready for summer, schedule a professional inspection and tune-up with your trusted HVAC company. If there are any problems, your tech will be able to spot them and make the necessary repairs sooner rather than later.

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