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How to Control Your Home’s Humidity

How to Control Your Home’s Humidity

Do you wake up every winter morning with dry sinuses and a scratchy throat? Does your hair frizz in the summer before you even step outside? Abnormal humidity levels can make for a very uncomfortable home and even cause you to experience health issues.

If you want to better control your home’s humidity, here are a few steps you can take.

Use Your Exhaust Fans

Think about how much steam gets produced when you take a shower or cook. Always turn your bathroom or kitchen exhaust fans on to get rid of that extra moisture and reduce your home's humidity levels. Added bonus — your kitchen fan also helps get rid of any smells the enter the air when you're cooking.

Open a Window

While you may be tempted to keep your home sealed up to trap your treated air inside, that can make for a lack of proper airflow and poor humidity. For a few minutes each day, crack a window or two in your home to let fresh air outside into your home and improve your humidity.

Add House Plants

Different houseplants do a wonderful job at not only controlling your home’s humidity but also improving your overall indoor air quality. As they breathe, houseplants release fresh oxygen and moisture into the air. If you’re experiencing low humidity and dry air, adding a few plants around your home can help improve your comfort.

Get Rid of Your Rugs

This probably never crossed your mind, but did you know rugs and carpets can trap excess moisture in the air? If your home is covered in carpeting or you have rugs lying around in every room, consider getting rid of them and the humidity they hold onto.

Install (De)Humidifiers

If all your efforts still leave you with poor humidity levels, you should strongly consider adding a humidifier and/or dehumidifier to your home. These work with your HVAC system to control the moisture levels in your home to create a more comfortable environment.

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