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Small Bathroom Decorating Tips

Small Bathroom Decorating Tips

A lot of the time, homeowners think that because their bathroom is on the smaller side, they must keep it simple. Otherwise, any decoration could be seen as clutter and make the space look even smaller. However, that's far from the truth. There are plenty of ways to decorate a small bathroom to give it a touch of personal flair and style, without sacrificing space.

Choose Light Colors

Lighter colors naturally help make a space seem bigger. For example, white or pale yellow can help a room seem bigger, not to mention brighter. A simple DIY paint job can change the entire feel up your bathroom.

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Add Removable Patterns

There are plenty of companies nowadays that offer removable wallpaper, backsplashes, or flooring. Simply stick these decorating pieces to your wall for an extra bit of style, and if you ever want to switch up the room’s look, you can easily remove them and swap them out for different pieces.

Install Shelves

Attaching short, small shelves, to your bathroom walls allows you to make better use of the space in your bathroom and add some new storage as well. You can place anything from your toiletries and beauty products to small plants or figurines on the shelves.

Switch to a Vanity

While pedestal sinks hold a certain appeal, by adding a vanity, you give yourself more storage and add more of a design flare. If you don’t want to install a full vanity, consider adding a retractable curtain around your pedestal sink so you get the same bit of decoration, at a fraction of the price.

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