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Common Items You Should Never Flush Down the Toilet

Common Items You Should Never Flush Down the Toilet

Your toilet is one of the most necessary and useful items in your entire home — so, wouldn’t you want to avoid doing anything that would jeopardize its functioning? Well, if you’ve been using your toilet as a trash can, you’re really increasing your chances of having a potential plumbing problem. In fact, there are several items you should never toss down the toilet:


Hear us out — it does not matter if the package says “flushable.” Wipes don’t break down the same way toilet paper does (even though they are supposedly designed to do so). No matter the type of wipe, these items should always be placed in the trash.

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Cotton Swabs

Even though they are small, cotton swabs can easily clump together and create clogs in the pipes connected to your toilet.

Sanitary Napkins

We’re not just talking about the plastic and paper wrappers that accompany these items. Sanitary pads and tampons are meant to absorb liquid — so, if you flush them, that’s just what they’ll do; expand enough to cause a clog in your pipes.


Of course, you’ll want to avoid having a pail that holds onto smelly diapers. However, flushing these items will have the same negative result as flushing the sanitary items mentioned earlier.

Dental Floss

Even if you ignore the fact that floss can easily bunch up and create a clog, it’s still made of plastic. By flushing dental floss, you’re putting plastic into your home’s waste water and allowing them to flow out into rivers and oceans — creating a harmful impact on the environment.

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