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The Benefits of Zoned Heating and Cooling

The Benefits of Zoned Heating and Cooling

Most homeowners are under the assumption that they're only able to have one HVAC unit, and one thermostat, in their home to keep the entire place comfortable. However, let us introduce you to a little thing called zoned heating and cooling. This form of comfort care offers a lot of benefits that your traditional methods don’t — but how so? Let us explain!

Custom Comfort Zones

Perhaps you like keeping your living room at a modest temperature but prefer to have your bedroom a bit cooler when you go to sleep. Zoned heating and cooling allows you to customize the temperatures in different areas of your home to meet your specific comfort needs without having to affect other parts of the house.

This can go a long way in keeping everyone happy since they won't have to fight over a single thermostat to feel comfortable at home.

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Energy Savings

Since you don't have to keep adjusting your thermostat as you enter different parts of your home, you'll allow your HVAC system to maintain steady temperatures according to each zone (and give yourself some energy savings in the process). On average, zoned heating and cooling can save you up to approximately 40% on your energy bill when used properly.

Easy Installation

While some zoned systems can be installed through central air methods, another great way to achieve this is through ductless units. The great thing is that these units are very easy to install and require little change to your home.

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