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Heat Pump Tune-Ups in Hartford

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Since 1990, HARP Home Services has been a trusted name for heating system maintenance in Hartford and New Haven Counties. Our heat pump tune-ups in Hartford keep area homeowners warm and comfortable all winter long by ensuring the system is in prime condition. When you call HARP Home Services for a tune-up, you can expect friendly customer service, factory-trained technicians, fully stocked trucks, and advanced equipment. We believe in delivering the very best customer experience every time, so you can rely on complete satisfaction.

If you schedule your next heat pump tune-up by 10/31, we'll give you a FREE air conditioning tune-up in the Spring! Get your tune-up with HARP!

What Should You Expect from a Heat Pump Tune-Up?

Regular heat pump tune-ups are important for extending the lifespan of your system and reducing the risk of premature breakdowns or system failures. Annual maintenance can also save you money on energy bills by maximizing the efficiency of your heat pump. We guarantee that your system won’t break down the season following our tune-up or we’ll refund the cost of your maintenance service or put the credit toward the cost of repairs or replacement.

Our heat pump tune-ups include:

  • Checking all parts, including capacitors and motors
  • Checking refrigerant levels
  • Checking for normal electrical load readings
  • Examining all heat pump components
  • Inspecting all electrical connections
  • Testing safety controls

Our highly trained technicians will ensure that everything is in proper working order and recommend any necessary repairs or parts replacements.

Ask about our Priority Partner Plan for annual heat pump tune-ups in Hartford. Contact us online today to learn more!

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