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You know how important your sump pump can be. During storms, the rainy season, and even when the snow melts, your sump pump works overtime to keep your basement safe and dry. It protects the lowest areas of your property from flooding and water damage by removing excess water. Our team at HARP Home Services can help ensure your sump pump is functioning in prime condition all year round. We offer sump pump services in Hartford that include repairs, new installations, and tune-ups. Contact us today for peace of mind during the next storm.

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Test Your Sump Pump to Ensure Proper Function

While our highly trained technicians can provide expert repairs and maintenance for your sump pump, we also encourage you to be proactive and test your sump pump from time to time. This can help you determine when you need to call in the professionals from HARP Home Services.

To test your sump pump:

  • Locate your sump pump and check the electrical cords. Unplug the two cords, and then plug in only the pump cord. You should hear the pump running. Plug both cords back in.
  • Remove the sump pump’s lid and slowly pour in some water. Ensure that the pump switch turns on and begins eliminating the water. Once the water is removed and the pump switches off, repeat this process once more.
  • Find the pipe that carries the water from the sump pump away from your home outside. Check to make sure this pipe is clean and clear of dirt and debris.

If you notice any unusual behavior from any of the above steps, contact our trained professionals. We’re happy to provide service, repairs, and installation of sump pumps in Hartford to keep your home and property dry all year.

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