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Why Is My Heater Blowing Cold Air?

Why Is My Heater Blowing Cold Air?

Winter comes around every year, yet nothing can truly prepare you for how cold it can get in Connecticut. Luckily, you have a furnace keeping you nice and toasty. That is unless it starts blowing cold air. This happens from time to time and could be a sign of a larger problem with your furnace. Like all furnace issues, you’ll want to get it checked out before it leads to a complete failure. 

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This blog will cover several reasons why your heater is blowing cold air and how you can prevent it from happening in the future. 

Why Is My Heater Blowing Cold Air?

It Hasn’t Warmed Up Yet

If it’s your first time turning on the furnace for the season, it won’t blow out hot air immediately. It can take several minutes before hot air makes its way through the ductwork. Be patient and after about 10-15 minutes you should start feeling warm air coming from the vents. 

The Thermostat Isn’t Set Up Correctly

One of the first things you should do when you feel cold air coming from the furnace is to check the thermostat. You may have had it set up during summer weather and forgot to switch it for winter. When looking at your thermostat, ensure it’s set to ‘Auto’ and not ‘On.’ When on the ‘Auto’ setting, your furnace and fan will turn on at the same time to push warm air throughout your home. However, on the ‘On’ setting, the fan will blow even when the furnace is off. 

Dirty Furnace Filter

Your furnace filter helps keep dust and debris from recirculating through the air in your home. As it collects more debris, it can clog and limit airflow. Eventually, the clog can cause the furnace to overheat and turn off. Once it’s overheated, the furnace can start blowing out cold air. 

Clogged Condensate Line

A high-efficiency furnace will use a condensate line to move water away from the furnace. A clog in the line will halt furnace ignition. If it can’t ignite, it can’t provide warm air, which means you’ll be stuck with a furnace blowing cold air. 

Pilot Light Issues

If you have an older furnace, the reason it may be blowing cold air is that the pilot light keeps going out. The flame might go out because it’s too weak, the thermocouple is faulty, or there’s a problem with the pilot orifice or gas regulator. New-model furnaces typically have an electric pilot light that only sparks when needed. 

What You Can Do To Prevent It From Happening in the Future

Regular Air Filter Checks

Air filters are necessary for maintaining the quality of your indoor air. Over time, dust and debris will collect in the filter and eventually clog if you don’t replace it. To prevent the consequences of a dirty, clogged air filter, replace it every three months. 

Regular Heater Tune up

One of the easiest ways to avoid feeling cold air coming from your furnace is to schedule a tune-up regularly. Having a trained technician take a look at your system can also extend the life of your furnace and help it run more efficiently. You have more reasons to schedule furnace maintenance than not. Don’t wait for something to go wrong—get ahead of HVAC issues by contacting your local furnace technicians

Install a Smart Thermostat

Traditional thermostats allow you to set your temperature to whatever you like, but you have to do it in person. Smart thermostats allow for greater control of your indoor environment with the ability to change it while you’re outside the home. With the added features of remote control, you can ensure you set the thermostat correctly every time, and you can fire it up before you arrive home. 

Don’t Get Left In The Cold With Heater Troubles—Call HARP

Your furnace is typically the most reliable and heavily used appliance in your home during winter. However, no furnace can work properly forever. Whether your furnace is getting up there in age or is showing signs of malfunction, work with HARP technicians to see what your options are. Our team can handle everything from heating installation and maintenance to repairs. We’re happy to assist you at any time—our heating services are available 24/7. Contact us online or reach us at 1-860-498-6518