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Generator Installation Services

With so much of our lives and safety dependent on electricity, having a backup generator in your home is a twenty-first-century non-negotiable.  After all, generators allow you to keep food safe by keeping your freezer and refrigerator running and also by keeping your home’s lighting, hot water, and landlines operating during a power outage. If you take medication that needs to be kept refrigerated, having a generator can even be lifesaving. Harp’s licensed electricians can help you with home generator installation and provide efficient and reliable services to Connecticut homeowners. In fact, we guarantee 100% satisfaction!

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Types of Generators

T​here are a few types of backup generators on the market, each providing homeowners with unique benefits. The most common types are: portable, standby, and whole-house generators. Let’s explore them all and figure out which backup generator is best for your home.

Portable Generators

portable generator

Portable generators are exactly as they sound: they’re light enough for you to move them around as needed. Because of their portability, these generators are excellent choices for those looking to add a little juice to power up outdoor activities like barbecues, birthday parties, camping, and more. These generators are also perfect choices if you need to have a generator for small appliances only or if you need access to a generator quickly (during a storm). 

If you’re not ready to commit to a whole house generator, you can buy a portable generator, for now, to keep in your garage as a backup generator. Just keep in mind that depending on the size of your house, it may not be large enough to power up your total square footage

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Standby Generators 

standby generator

A standby generator is a dependable electrical backup system that automatically powers critical appliances like the HVAC and refrigerator. 

In the event of an unexpected power outage, the generator is activated by an automatic transfer switch that quickly detects the power loss and transfers the electrical load within mere seconds. This process guarantees that the generator immediately provides power to the circuits in the event of a power outage, ensuring that your home is never without electricity when you need it most. Consider scheduling a standby generator installation if you need to power critical appliances in emergencies. 

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Whole House Generators

wholehouse generator

Step aside, portables and stand by generators because we’re bringing out the big guns. Whole house generators are about as robust as you can regarding generator power.

As the name implies, whole house generators feed power to your entire home during a power outage. These are a must-have if you live in an area with many power-knocking storms or have critical needs, like refrigerated medication. 

Consider scheduling a home generator installation to power your entire home during an emergency. 

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Generator Installation

At Harp Home Services, we’re as excited to install your new generator as you are. But generator installation isn’t as easy as setting down the unit and plugging in a few cords. We first must inspect the unit, inspect the home’s electrical work, and double-check that the placement is in line with community codes.  While you get ready for the big day, here’s what you can expect from Harp’s home generator installation services. 

Work Process (In-Depth Electrical Inspection)

  1. Inspection. First, our technicians must inspect the site and evaluate the current electrical system. This is crucial as the existing electrical system must have enough power to withstand your new generator, or it will short circuit. This can lead to problems ranging from damaging your new generator to starting a fire.
  2. Choosing the type of generator. Once we’ve inspected the electrical system, we’ll work with you to choose the right generator and location within your home. Finding a stable, well-drained area that will not flood is crucial. Additionally, the site must present enough room to allow our technicians access to work and place the machine.  Lastly, some homes must consider community restrictions before choosing a generator location. For example, many homeowners associations have strict restrictions regarding outdoor appliances and placement. To ensure you’re within the code, contact your homeowner’s association before the placement to prevent a costly move.
  3. Generator installation. The next step is to install the generator. They’ll first prepare the site with either concrete slab or gravel and always take their time to guarantee proper assembly. During the installation, our technicians will be especially mindful of safety precautions. Typically, our electricians can perform the generator installation within one business day.
  4. Clean up and testing. After installing the generator, our expert technicians will remove any trash or debris immediately. We may also try the unit once before leaving to ensure the generator is working. 
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Benefits of choosing Harp Home Services

At Harp Home Services, we stand behind our electrical services. That’s why we deliver such exceptional benefits to our customers.  When you choose Harp Home Services for your generator installation, you gain the benefits of the following:

  • Licensed electricians
  • Same-day service
  • On-time or it’s free
  • No breakdown guarantee
  • 100% satisfaction and warranty protection
  • Electrical service specials

Not only are all of our electricians licensed, but we curate only the most talented local electricians, which means you get the best skills, fast. 

Our same-day service also ensures that you never have to wait: try to avoid making an appointment right before or after a mammoth storm, as it can get busy.

See why Harp Home Services has become the most popular pick for homeowners installing generators.

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Living in a home without a generator is a considerable risk. Not only do generators keep your food safe and heat on during power outages, but they can also prevent more severe repercussions from happening, like sustaining a flooded basement or keeping medicine readily available. Smaller generators are also key, as they provide power on the go or for small appliances when needed. 

If you’re ready to take the next step to keep your home in working order, call or set an appointment online with Harp Home Services. There are many reasons to choose Harp, like how we offer free estimates, only employ trained electricians, and offer benefits like satisfaction guaranteed. Check out our service areas today.

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