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EZ Trap

Protect Your Heating and Cooling System From Damage Caused by Clogged Condensate Lines

Your whole-home HVAC system is designed to maximize comfort in every room, and boost energy efficiency by moderating indoor temperatures season after season. Your air conditioner removes excess moisture from the air to maintain perfect temperatures in hot weather. This moisture, also called condensation, collects in the AC system and is discharged through a drain line.

Sometimes, this condensation also includes tiny dirt particles already in the air. These particles may clog your system drain line, and cause a backup in the system that could lead to big problems.

An EZ Trap is a U-shaped device that allows you to periodically clear the drain line of your system and prevent backups and overflows from happening. The EZ Trap also includes a low-voltage float that, if water rises above a certain level in your system, will trigger a shut-off until the line can be repaired.

This simple fix is a time-and-money saver and a must-have for every HVAC-equipped home. Talk to Harp Services today to add an EZ Trap to your whole-home comfort system.

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