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Boiler Maintenance & Tune Up in Connecticut

Reliable Boiler Maintenance Services

Your boiler keeps you warm all through the cold New England winters. Make sure it’s in prime condition with a boiler tune up from HARP Home Services.

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Annual maintenance of your heating system can make all the difference because our highly trained boiler technicians can clean and service your boiler and spot any potential issues before they become costly repairs or cause full equipment breakdown.

Experienced boiler technicians

With over 30 years of experience delivering exceptional boiler maintenance services, you can trust that your next boiler tune up won’t result in a breakdown a few months later. And that’s a guarantee!

Maintenance of boiler heating systems is something we are highly familiar with. That means our boiler technicians are able to quickly detect heating system flaws and address them with a preventive boiler tune up.

We are able to operate on all types of hot water boiler heating systems, including the following:

  • Oil boiler
  • Gas boiler
  • Electric boiler

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Money-Back Guarantee

We guarantee your system will function properly the entire season following our service or we’ll refund the cost of your boiler tune up—no questions asked!

100% satisfaction guarantee!

Same-day Boiler Maintenance Service

With HARP Home Services, not only do you get 24/7 emergency boiler service year-round at no emergency surcharge, you also benefit from same-day service and our on-time or it’s FREE guarantee.

Why Should You Schedule Regular Boiler Maintenance Service?

By the time you notice problems with your boiler, you may already be looking at major repair costs. When you schedule a seasonal boiler tune up just before the colder months, our expert technicians can catch the early signs of wear and tear or malfunctions. We also clean up the components and ensure the boiler is running at peak efficiency to save your money on energy bills and extend the lifespan of your boiler.

Schedule an annual boiler inspection because:

  • Our technicians will ensure proper function all season long
  • We can detect many potential problems early to minimize repair costs
  • We will address any safety concerns, such as carbon monoxide risks or gas line issues
  • Our services can prolong the life of your boiler, allowing you to put off replacing it

At HARP Home Services, we offer a Priority Partner Plan that includes annual boiler tune ups, discounts on repairs, priority scheduling, and many other benefits.

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Updates to the Regional HVAC Equipment Efficiency and Testing Standards

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