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Water Heater Service in Connecticut

Reliable Water Heater Service

You rely on your water heater for so many daily tasks. If your water heater breaks down or stops producing hot water, you need reliable water heater service.

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Since 1990, HARP Home Services has offered trusted water heater services to homeowners throughout the surrounding suburbs. We’re ready to help you, too.

The licensed plumbers at HARP Home Services will travel to your household quickly to resolve the problem. Looking for a water heater service near you? With over 160 locations in Connecticut, HARP Home Services can provide same-day service with ON TIME OR IT’S FREE guarantee! We offer reliable water heater service throughout Connecticut, including Waterbury, Hamden, New Haven, and Hartford.

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Highly Trained Technicians & Honest, Upfront Pricing

At HARP Home Services, we believe in the Golden Rule. Our team of emergency plumbers is dedicated to treating every customer the way we would want to be treated. That’s why, when you call us for a water heater service, you can expect an exceptional customer experience.

Our knowledgeable technicians can help you repair or replace your gas and electric water heater. We provide superior water heater services in locations such as Waterbury, New Haven, Hamden, and Bristol.

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4 Types of Water Heater Leaks

Water heater leaking? Water heater leaks can occur anywhere on your system and could range from a simple fix to a water heater replacement. Let’s take a look at four common water heater leaks and what you should do if you have one. 

  • Water Heater Nipple Leaks

The water heater nipples are located on the top of the system. These components link the water heater to the cold water inlet pipe as well as the hot water exit pipe. As a commonplace for water heater leaks, nipple threads are the thinnest part of the component. If you need help deciphering a nipple leak from a supply tube leak, give our team of plumbers a call. We offer fast and trustworthy repair services for water heater leaks. 

If you want to fix this issue on your own without a licensed plumber, you will be required to remove and replace the water heater nipple. However, please keep in mind that this may be difficult and will require a pipe wrench. In addition, make sure to turn off the water supply to prevent water damage in your house. If you’re not comfortable with fixing a broken nipple, contact a certified contractor to receive help. 

  • Temperature & Pressure Relief (T & P)  Valve Leaks

Your temperature and pressure ( T & P) relief valve is another place to check for leaks. If you discover a T & P valve leak, this will need your attention right away. T & P valve leaks can happen for several reasons. A leak can form near the T & P valve when it’s not sealed properly. If that’s the case, you’ll simply need to tighten the valve or reinstall the valve with a plumber’s tape. 

Excess pressure can also be the source of the water leak near the temperature and pressure relief valve. If the water heater is overheating the water, you may need to lower the water temperature or install a water expansion tank. In addition, a water leak may be due to a damaged T & P valve. Our staff of licensed plumbers has the proper tools and equipment required to replace the temperature and pressure relief valve on your water heater. We offer water heater installation and repair services in areas of Connecticut such as Bristol, New Britain, Hartford, Hamden, and New Haven.

  • Water Supply Pipe Leaks

Do you have a water supply pipe leak? Check the plumbing pipes located above the water heater. If dripping from above, water can easily leak down on the top of the water heater and even move to the insulation, giving you the impression that the leak is coming from the tank. 

If checking the plumbing pipes, use a stepladder if needed. Take a close look at the water supply lines that are traveling into the water heater. These will be in the form of a rigid pipe connection or flexible supply tubes. 

Especially when dealing with flexible water supply tubes, it’s very common to have a supply pipe leak. If you want to replace the water heater flex lines, turn off the water to the water heater. 

By doing this, use the shutoff valve located on the cold water pipe that leads to the water heater. Again, before removing the water supply tubes, please make sure that the water is turned off. You can do this by turning on the hot water faucet anywhere in your home to make sure water isn’t flowing.

  • Hot Water Tank Leak

Lastly, if you’ve inspected all of these areas for a water leak, take a look at your water heater tank. If you notice your water heater tank has ruptured and is leaking, this will require a tank replacement by an HVAC professional. 

There can be many reasons why your water heater is not working. When in doubt, contact your local plumbers.

How Does a Gas Water Heater Operate?

If you have a gas water heater, cold water is brought into the tank by a dip tube. From there, a gas burner will heat the water to the appropriate temperature. As the burner heats the water, the burner will also release hot contaminants that will go up through a chimney. This chimney is located in the center of the water heater tank. The chimney is responsible for pushing the toxins outside. 

Once the water is heated, it will rise up the water tank and exit through the heat-out pipe. If you are receiving cold water at your sinks or fixtures, it’s important to hire a certified plumber to perform an inspection of the gas burners and thermostat in your water heater. We will clean the gas burners and perform a water heater repair to restore the circulation of warm water in your household.

How Does an Electric Water Heater Operate?

An electric water heater works similarly to a gas water heater. Through the dip tube, water will be brought into the water heater tank. From there, electric heating elements will be activated to increase the temperature of the water. The hot water will rise to the top of the tank and out the heat-out pipe where it will be distributed out through your home as needed. 

An electric water heater will have a thermostat as well along with a temperature and pressure relief valve, a drain valve, an insulated tank, and an anode rod. The main difference between the electric and gas water heater, however, is how the water is heated. A gas water heater is heated by a burner. On the other hand, an electric water heater is heated by heating elements that are located within the tank. If the heating elements in your water heater are broken, give our staff a call by phone. We offer convenient and reputable water heater services to families in Hartford, Hamden, New Britain, Bristol, and the surrounding areas of Connecticut. 

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