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A plumbing inspection is a vital part of maintaining any building. It helps detect issues early, keeps the system running well, and can even save money. A plumbing inspection with HARP is even better than an ordinary inspection. That’s because we bring our expertise, professional approach, and other valuable features to the table. In fact, we even offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee

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Benefits of a Professional Plumbing Inspection

A professional plumbing inspection has more benefits than you may realize.

1. Early detection of plumbing issues

Most people only think of their plumbing when something goes wrong. When a pipe bursts, a drain is clogged, or some other issue pops up, they immediately call a residential plumber and may end up having to pay for emergency services. Meanwhile, an inspection can catch and stop these issues before they become problematic.

2. Expertise and guidance

Having your plumbing inspected by a professional allows you to take advantage of any expertise and guidance they can suggest. Even if there aren’t problems with your plumbing system, they can offer suggestions for improving your plumbing maintenance. For example, they may discover your water is too hard and needs to be treated to prevent issues from arising in the future. In these cases, you can learn how to treat your plumbing like a professional would.

3. Cost saving

Most would agree that an ounce of prevention is with a pound of cure. This is particularly true in plumbing. By conducting an inspection and catching an issue early, you can prevent it from causing costly damage and necessitating a costly repair later on. An inspection and a quick fix will cost much less than the water damage from a burst pipe and an emergency plumbing call. 

4. Improved water usage efficiency

There are numerous places in a plumbing system where water can be wasted. Leaks allow water to escape constantly, while some fixtures use more water than they should. An inspection can identify and address these points of concern. Once fixed, this reduces the amount of water that is wasted and, thus, lowers the water bill. 

Comprehensive Plumbing Inspection Services

At HARP, we can take care of any inspection needs you have.

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Leaks are a common problem with fixtures. An inspection will look at all fixtures, check how they handle running water, and ensure there are no water leaks or other issues. This sometimes goes hand in hand with drainage services, as drains are usually next to most fixtures. 

Water supply lines

Water lines are a major point of vulnerability in any home’s plumbing system. An inspection will thoroughly examine these lines. It will look for leaks, clogs, problems with the fittings, and any other issues. In addition, any lines that are exposed will be checked for damage caused by this exposure. 

Water pressure

Often, homes suffer from fluctuations in water pressure. An inspection will look for the source of these fluctuations. This will allow these issues to be addressed and, by doing so, allow the system to have good water pressure once more. 

Leak detection

While leaks are most common in a few places, they can pop up anywhere in a plumbing system. An inspection will examine the pipes’ condition to ensure none are leaking. 

Water heater inspection

Water heaters are another point of vulnerability in a plumbing system. This is because they have places where large amounts of pressure are stored and connection points are often strained. Inspections will check these potential failure points to make sure no problems come from them down the road. 

Code compliance

Code compliance is a necessary part of a plumbing system. We’ll identify if any issues prevent the system from being fully compliant and can work toward fixing them from there. 

Why Choose HARP Home Services

When you choose HARP for your plumbing inspection services, you can rest easy knowing you’ve made the right choice.

  • Professional inspection camera and tools: One of the biggest factors allowing us to succeed in every job we take is our equipment. Advanced cameras allow us to see deep into the pipes and detect any issues. Other tools give us the edge in preventing and fixing issues. These make our plumbing services even more effective. 
  • Trained and licensed local plumbers: Another factor in our company’s success comes from the quality of our plumbers. Our plumbers are well-trained and fully licensed. They know exactly what they are doing and, because of this, can help you with whatever you need. 
  • 168 locations around Connecticut: HARP is stationed all around the state of Connecticut. Just check our extensive map of Connecticut service areas
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee: We know we will be able to fix your plumbing issue and fix it right. That is why we offer a guarantee to back up our services. 
  • 24/7 services with no emergency fee: We’re there when you need us at HARP. This includes emergency services without an emergency fee
  • Thousands of positive reviews: Our past speaks for itself. We’ve completed numerous plumbing inspections and other jobs throughout our company’s history. One look at our many positive reviews will show the level of quality we put into the work we do. While looking at our reviews, you can even schedule online to get started with HARP. 
  • Upfront pricing: With HARP, you don’t have to worry about suddenly being charged an outrageous bill. We’ll be upfront about exactly what you are being charged for and how much the charge will be. This way, you never have to worry about the cost of a job getting out of hand. 


How Much Does a Plumbing Inspection Cost?

Plumbing inspection costs vary based on the area, what exactly is being done, and if any additional services are requested during the inspection. 

How Do I Pass a Plumbing Inspection?

Passing a plumbing inspection involves keeping the plumbing system in top condition. This means keeping elements of it clean, looking out for leaks, and generally staying on top of any problems impacting it. 

However, the best way to pass is simply by scheduling an inspection. Your plumber will walk through a detailed plumbing inspection checklist. The inspection will tell you exactly what is wrong and how to fix it. This will put you directly on the path to passing the next inspection. 

How Long Does a Plumbing Inspection Take?

A plumbing inspection can take up to two hours to complete. However, the length of a plumbing inspection varies depending on the size of the job. You wouldn’t expect an inspection that looks at a four-bedroom, four-bathroom house to be as short as an inspection that looks at a two-bedroom, one-bathroom house. So, generally, expect larger homes to take longer when it comes to an inspection. 

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