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Well Pump Replacement, Repair, and Installation Service In Connecticut OR Massachusetts

If your home gets its water from a well, you rely on a fully functional pump to bring enough water into your property. When installing a well on your land in Connecticut or Massachusetts or repairing your current well to ensure it keeps pumping water, turn to HARP Home Services. 

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Our licensed technicians provide several services, including well pump installation, repair, and replacement. With our 30 years of industry knowledge and hands-on experience, no well pump problem is too much for us to address. 

Our Well Pump Services

HARP Home Services is the company to call when you need affordable and reliable well pump services. From well pump replacements to repairs, we handle it all. Our locally owned and operated company offers comprehensive, personalized solutions. We don’t treat well pump problems with cookie-cutter services.

Count on us to implement the top solutions that suit your needs best. 

Well Pump Replacement

The average well pump has a lifespan of ten to 15 years, depending on its maintenance level and whether it has malfunctioning parts. Though our HARP Home Services professionals always strive to repair pumps instead of immediately replacing them, well pump replacement is sometimes the best way to address a severely damaged, outdated, or inefficient device. 

By getting a timely well pump replacement, you can rest assured that your property will have continuous water flow. It also helps reduce utility bills by minimizing water waste. 

Scheduling regular well pump inspections is the best way to know when to replace your unit. Otherwise, you might find yourself with a dire water supply problem. When you call our team, we’ll assess your system, determine whether a replacement is necessary, and handle the task from beginning to end.

Well Pump Repair

Regardless of how diligently you maintain your well pump system, you’ll eventually need professional help addressing a problem or two. These devices work hard to keep fresh water flowing into your home or business. Natural wear, faulty parts, and bad plumbing are several reasons to need the quality well pump repair that HARP Home Services can provide. 

Our skilled, licensed plumbers will thoroughly inspect your well pump, its components, and connections to identify the source of your water supply troubles quickly. Once we find the problem, we’ll present our findings and suggest affordable solutions. We’ll move quickly to repair your pump as soon as you agree to an action plan. 

At HARP Home Services, we are available 24/7 for emergencies. Our professional, responsive crew will respond to your service call quickly without emergency charges or added fees.

Well Pump Installation

Installing a new well pump can be a complex project, depending on the type of well system your property needs. Still, well pump installation is no problem for us. Thanks to our decades of experience, we can install different types of well pumps. Our installations include industry-leading warranties and upfront pricing.

Common Well Pump Issues

When you notice problems with your property’s water flow, it could indicate a well pump problem. Still, knowing how to address the problem can be hard if you don’t know its cause. Below are several common well pump issues:

  • No power: Your well pump needs adequate electricity to work correctly. If water isn’t flowing through your taps, ensure the pump’s switch is in the “on” position. 
  • Faulty pressure switch: Low water pressure is inconvenient but could also signify a problem with the pump’s pressure switch. A bad switch won’t trigger the pump to draw water. 
  • Air hissing from faucets: An old well pump with pipe damage may cause water and bursts of air to come through your taps. Trapped air will flow through the water line and exit through the faucet.
  • Short cycling: Short cycling is a problem that causes the well pump to work for brief moments before stopping. This issue could result from damaged air bladders, faulty pressure switches, or a water leak. 
  • Gritty water: When your pump draws in dirt and sediment, you notice grit inside your water supply. The contaminants can lead to premature degradation of the pump and its components. 
  • Constant pump operation: Your well pump should cycle on and off instead of staying on. When it runs continuously, it could lead to higher water bills and premature pump failure.

No matter what your issue is, you can be confident HARP Home Services will take care of it. Our professional technicians can work on all types of well pumps. Rely on us to accurately diagnose your well pump problem and provide the best solution. 

Why Hire Our Experts for Well Pump Services?

When disaster strikes your water well pump, you need fast services that deliver long-term results. At HARP Home Services, our technicians undergo extensive, continuous training to ensure they know how to quickly recognize well pump problems, provide the best solutions, and execute the plans flawlessly according to your needs, preferences, and specifications. 

Our HARP Home Services crew are world-class professionals. We treat every project, customer, and property with the utmost respect and care. We’ll manage your project from start to finish and never recommend unnecessary services. 

Call HARP for Well Pump Replacement, Repair, and Installation

When you need reliable well pump installment, repair, or replacement for your home or business in Connecticut or Massachusetts, look no further than HARP Home Services. We have over 30 years of experience as an HVAC contractor providing services like furnace tune-ups and heating repair.

We also provide comprehensive plumbing services. Thanks to the skills and knowledge of our licensed technicians, installing or replacing your well pump will be a breeze. With us, you can expect industry-leading practices and top-tier warranties.

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