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8 Things to Never Put Down the Drain

8 Things to Never Put Down the Drain

Now that school is back in session, you’re probably running around your kitchen making your family breakfast, whipping up lunches for the kids, and packing snacks for after-school activities. In all your rush, you may find yourself tossing all of your food scraps into your garbage disposal simply because it’s convenient.

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However, your garbage disposal isn’t meant to handle everything in your kitchen. While drain cleaning can usually be done pretty quickly, there might be more severe drain clogs, likely due to objects your sink garbage disposal system could not get rid of.

In fact, the majority of clogged drains come from what you put in them. Let’s take a look at five things you should never put down your drain to avoid getting a clogged sink.

Kitty Litter

Even “flushable” cat litter should not go down your drains, ever. For a long time, cat litter has been known to cause drain clogs, and even worse, create major problems for septic systems. Cat litter can also collect bacteria from your cat’s feces, which can find its way into the water supply, and threaten the well-being of animals such as sea otters. Cat litter should be disposed of in the regular trash can to avoid getting a clogged sink or toilet, and reduce health risks.


Though eggshells may seem harmless, eggshells can break down and gather in your drain over time, sticking to grease, fat, and other oily substances. This in turn creates thick globs that clog your pipes and you suddenly have a clogged sink on your hands.

Grease & Oil

Never pour grease or oil down the drain in your kitchen. These two types of materials become stuck to the walls of your pipes. This will cause moderate to severe drain blockages in your home.

Avoid disposing of bacon grease, meat fat, and other types of substances down your drain. We offer emergency drain cleaning and plumbing services to households in Hamden, Hartford, Bristol, New Haven, and other surrounding areas of Connecticut.

Paper Towels

You may think papery substances, such as paper towels and cotton, will dissolve easily, but that’s not the case. Paper towels are created to be absorbent, which makes them susceptible to drain clogs.


Think about how tough it is to cut through the bone of a steak. Your garbage disposal isn’t designed to crush animal bones, so don’t try to make it. Even though some units are supposedly designed to handle small bones from chicken or fish, it’s best to avoid tossing bones in there entirely.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds aren’t necessarily bad for your disposal, but they’re awful for your plumbing. The grounds can easily build up in your pipes and form a clog. Dispose of coffee grounds in the trash instead.


Pasta is very starchy and becomes very sticky once its cooked. If you put pasta down your garbage disposal, it can cling to the sides of your pipes. Plus, if noodles get caught in your unit, they can expand whenever you run water down the disposal and create a clog.

Stringy or Fibrous Vegetables

Stringy fruits or vegetables, like celery, can get wrapped around your disposal blades, while fibrous foods, such as banana peels or potato peels, can cover the walls of your disposal in a layer of goop.

Like the eggshells, you can compost these to be more eco-friendly.

Let HARP Help with Your Garbage Disposal System

If you find yourself with a plumbing problem caused by your garbage disposal, trust the experts at HARP Home Services LLC to get your unit back up and running! We even offer 24/7 emergency drainage service for more serious clogs.

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