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Ordinary Sump Pump Noises

Ordinary Sump Pump Noises

When your sump pump starts making strange noises, it’s trying to tell you something. Let’s take a look at the different sounds a sump pump makes and what each noise indicates.

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Thunk Noise

Does your sump pump sound like someone is hitting it with a hammer? This may be your check valve. A check valve operates much like a door: it opens when water moves through it and closes once the water is gone. For most sump pump systems, usually replacing the value with a “silent check valve” should do the trick. A silent check valve is located at home improvement stores.

Rumbling Noise

Rumbling noises are quite common in older sump pumps. Before completely replacing your unit, you can try installing a rubber stopper to the pump. This usually stops it from vibrating against the wall of the pit. Or you can try lubricating the motor. However, if neither of these solutions stops the rumbling noise, it may be time to hire an emergency plumber to replace your sump pump.

Beeping Noise

If you hear a beeping sound coming from your sump pump, this could be your sump pump’s alarm or battery backup system. This could be from a variety of causes: a sump pump component is failing, the pump is not coming on or operating effectively, or your battery backup is almost out of charge. You may need to call an HVAC professional to effectively determine the issue.