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Electric Water Heaters vs. Gas Water Heaters

Electric Water Heaters vs. Gas Water Heaters

You’re considering installing a new water heater system, but what should you choose? The two main types of heaters are gas and electric water heaters. Let’s take a look at the benefits of an electric water heater versus the benefits of a gas water heater.

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If looking for a more affordable option, an electric water heater typically has a cheaper upfront cost. Electric water heaters also require cheaper maintenance and installation, unlike a gas water heater that’ll need additional piping, a new ventilation system, and more maintenance. Electric water heater installations are quicker and simpler to install.

While electric water heaters have a lower upfront cost, gas water heaters are overall cheaper when it comes to monthly costs. This is because propane is more expensive than natural gas. Gas water heaters cost less money to run per month.


When it comes to efficiency, overall electric water heaters are more effective across the board. Traditional gas water heaters have efficiency numbers that vary from 0.5 to 0.7. On the other hand, electric water heaters have efficiency numbers that are higher than 0.9.

Since electric water heaters don’t require venting pipes, they are more efficient when compared to gas water heaters.

Gas water heaters also have better flow rates when it comes to water heaters. Gas water heaters are known to heat up water faster and recover much more quickly than electric water heaters. Especially for homes that have heavy hot water usage, gas water heaters are the better solution.


Though both electric and gas water heaters are generally safe for your home, electric water heaters are not subjected to potential gas leaks and are less likely to experience an electrical safety issue in comparison to a gas water heater.

Out of the two, gas water heaters are the more resourceful water heater option because you can still use them amidst a power outage. Unlike electric water heaters, a gas water heater does not use power to operate.

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