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Lennox HVAC Reviews – Are Lennox HVAC Systems Worth It?

Lennox HVAC Reviews – Are Lennox HVAC Systems Worth It?

Everyone wants to be more energy efficient. Doing so is good for the environment and helps save money. With most people in the US spending an average of around $300 each month on utility costs, this second part is a significant factor. Because of this, many people look toward Lennox HVAC systems for their unparalleled energy efficiency. 

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However, are Lennox HVAC systems really worth it? Is Lennox a good air conditioner? Will you get something worthwhile by upgrading your HVAC system to a Lennox HVAC system? We’ll dive into the details in this article.

Types of Lennox HVAC Systems

Before diving into how Lennox stacks up against the competition, it is important to understand what Lennox offers. HVAC is a broad field that covers a few different systems, and Lennox covers this field. 

  • Lennox Air Conditioner

So is Lennox a good air conditioner brand? Lennox is a very well known and reputable brand in the HVAC industry. Their range of air conditioning units are all high quality and provide effective and consistent cooling even in hot weather. Furthermore, these systems’ Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating ranges from 13 at the lower end to 28 at the higher end. This makes them wonderfully energy efficient. On top of this, the air conditioners use a proprietary coil that is built to last. In fact, Lennox air conditioner reviews are largely positive and often mention durability and reliability.

In addition, Lennox is known for producing air conditioners that operate quietly which is especially important during nighttime.

However, with a higher-quality build, usually comes a higher initial cost. We can argue that the long-term energy savings and reliability justify the cost though.

  • Lennox Furnace

Lennox offers several different furnaces. This includes both gas models and oil models. Both types are very efficient and capable of being integrated into larger systems. Lennox furnace installation can also be paired with heat pump installation to create a system that uses whatever option is the most energy efficient at the time. 

In general, Lennox furnace reviews often mention high energy efficiency, quiet operation, as well as durability, and reliability. In fact, many Lennox furnaces come with advanced features as well such as variable-speed blowers, and compatibility with smart thermostats.

  • Lennox Heat Pumps

Where a Lennox heat pump immediately separates itself from other models through a minimum baseline of quality. All of Lennox’s heat pumps have Energy Star qualifications, from the most advanced to the most basic. Lennox heat pump installation is also straightforward because most companies are familiar with Lennox equipment. So, you’ll have something worthwhile no matter which models you choose.  

  • Lennox Boilers

Like the other options on this list, Lennox boilers are known for their reliability and efficiency. This can make a big difference in homes that rely on boilers, as the energy savings can be significant. In addition, Lennox boilers come in a range of different options. This makes Lennox boiler installation a breeze in most households.  

How Lennox Compares to Other Brands

Lennox separates itself from other brands in a few different ways. While most of these ways are reasonable, there are a few drawbacks. 


Lennox has a commitment to creating quality products. This starts with reliability. Their products run well and don’t experience frequent breakdowns

This is important because you don’t want your HVAC system going out when you least expect it. A system that has a habit of shutting down when stressed means that the heating may go out when it gets frigid, or the AC may go out when it gets warm. These are the times you need your system most and, thus, the worst times for them to go out. Picking a reliable system, like those provided by Lennox, helps with this. 


The reliability of Lennox products and the fact that they are made from high-quality materials also make them long-lasting. These products can last for years and years, so you don’t need to replace your entire HVAC system before you would otherwise need to. 

Lennox also offers information about tune-ups that will allow the system to function for as long as possible. Most local maintenance providers are already aware of this information and will use it to improve your system for as long as possible. 

HVAC Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest advantages of Lennox equipment is its energy efficiency. The products are specifically designed to consume less energy compared to their competitors. Even when compared to other top-of-the-line options, like Carrier, Lennox comes out on top. 

This leads to energy savings which leads to budget savings. Though other HVAC systems may be cheaper, the long-term energy savings provided by Lennox help make up the difference. In many cases, they even make owning a Lennox system cheaper. 

The Big Plus: Lennox Warranty Protection

Lennox stands firmly behind their commitment to provide high-quality products and demonstrates their confidence in their products by offering a robust warranty. Most models come with a minimum warranty that lasts for five years. However, the more advanced models have longer warranties, most lasting around ten years. You can also opt for an extended Lennox warranty when purchasing your system. 

Recognizable Name Brand for Which Getting Parts Is Easy

Sometimes, opting for a cheap HVAC system can come back to bite you. Obscure products may be affordable, but they are not well known. Because of this, their parts are more challenging to get a hold of. This makes repairing them harder, as most repair shops will need to send out for the parts. 

Meanwhile, Lennox is a big name in the world of HVAC and is considered one of the best air conditioner brands by many. Most repair shops will have what they need to fix Lennox equipment on hand. It will also be an easy fix, as they are likely familiar with Lennox products. 

Customer Service

Lennox is known for the customer service they provide alongside its products. Their website contains an extensive collection of resources, and they run a customer service hotline that is available on weekdays. 

Lennox customer service stands in stark contrast to some models out there. Cheaper models often provide little to no information outside of manuals that come with the system. Customer service is limited for these options, while Lennox’s customer service is less so.

Price Point

The most considerable downside when it comes to Lennox equipment is the higher price point. The equipment costs more and gives installing Lennox products a high initial cost. Beyond this, Lennox products often require more expensive parts to repair, making long-term costs slightly higher. So, overall, a Lennox product will cost more. 

However, it is essential to remember that this higher price point reflects a higher quality level. Think of Lennox AC installation as an investment rather than a luxury purchase. 

Who Is Lennox Great For?

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In the end, Lennox offers energy savings and long-lasting service. This makes it a great choice for people in a few different situations. 

The most significant is anyone currently dealing with an inefficient HVAC system or anyone who can comfortably afford the upfront costs of an HVAC upgrade. Eventually, an upgrade like this will end up paying for itself. If you go with it, you can think of it as an investment rather than a traditional upgrade. This is particularly true for anyone living in a larger house, as HVAC costs and, thus, potential HVAC savings will be higher. 

Lennox HVAC systems are also an excellent choice for anyone who plans to stay in their house for the long run. If you’ve just moved into a new house and plan to be there for years and years to come, you will see the initial investment of your new HVAC system come back to you in time. You also don’t have to worry as much about your HVAC system encountering problems. Meanwhile, the upgrade may not be worth it if you don’t think you will be in your current home for long. 

Lennox Systems Installation Services

If you decide to go with a Lennox HVAC system, you’ll need to have it installed. Make sure to work with a company with a history of working with Lennox systems. Give your local Lennox pros a call or schedule an appointment online so that they can start helping you. 

Once you do this, you’ll be well on your way to getting a quality HVAC system.