HARP Service has a long history of providing excellent home maintenance help to Meriden, Connecticut, homeowners. Between plumbing work and heating and air conditioning repairs, our team handles many of your to-do list items year-round. We focus on keeping families safe and comfortable no matter the season. From comprehensive warranties and service guarantees to 24/7 emergency response, HARP is here to help.

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Air Conditioning

Professional tune-ups are a cornerstone of HARP Service. Our technicians know that your home cooling system works better with regular upkeep. Preventative maintenance for your AC system goes beyond changing filters, however. Your air conditioning system works more efficiently and can even save you money on energy costs with tune-up services.


Like your home cooling system, your heater also benefits from a consistent tune-up schedule. A home furnace or boiler can quickly become a health and safety hazard in your basement or closet. Fortunately, HARP technicians know their way around many brands and models of home heating equipment. From installation to repairs to programming your smart home thermostat, HARP’s HVAC professionals can get the job done.


If you need plumbing help, HARP can cover that, too. From renovations that involve re-plumbing a property to repairing a leaky faucet, there’s no job that’s too big or too small. Plumbers at HARP can restore your hot water service, clean drains, fix broken pipes, and more. The best part is, you don’t have to get your hands dirty.

HARP Loves Meriden

Meriden, CT, 06037, has plenty of notable attractions for visitors and residents. From Hubbard Park and Castle Craig to Giuffrida Park, there’s so much to see.

HARP loves Meriden and the heating and cooling customers we have here. We hope to remain part of the community for years to come.