Dependable Heating, Plumbing, and Air Conditioning Services for Families in West Suffield, Connecticut


For the past three decades, the homeowners in West Suffield, Connecticut, have depended upon HARP to handle all of their home maintenance needs. With a reliable track record, HARP can handle all of your heating and air conditioning issues and plumbing problems.

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Air Conditioning

Families shouldn’t need to suffer indoors while their AC unit isn’t working correctly. Proper air conditioning can be crucial to your well-being. HARP is more than ready to handle everything from AC replacements to a professional tune-up.


If your heater isn’t working correctly, it can cause major issues (especially during the wintertime). Luckily, we offer our services around the clock. Even if your heater only needs a tune-up, HARP is more than willing to do that anytime.


There’s no reason why a leaky faucet or a clogged drain should disrupt your home. Even if it happens in the middle of the night, HARP is always available to deal with plumbing repairs and emergencies. You might be sure what the issue is, so we’re more than willing to inspect your pipes or sewer line.

HARP Loves West Suffield

Anyone who lives in West Suffield, CT or zip code 06093 knows how scenic this tiny town can be. With historic areas like the Alexander King House, Babb’s Beach, or the Hatheway House, it’s no wonder why so many of our customers have chosen to make their homes here. However, owning a home can also mean dealing with home maintenance issues.

While it might seem tempting to try and fix it yourself, dealing with a severe plumbing problem or heating and cooling issue can end up making things worse. Luckily, HARP is only a phone call away, and we’re more than willing to drive out to your home and make repairs anytime.