Windsor Locks homeowners have relied on HARP’s professional plumbing services for years. Especially in the cold Connecticut winter months, it’s important to find the right Windsor Locks heating installation services. With HARP Home services, heating, air conditioning, and plumbing support keep your home safe and comfortable no matter the season. HARP loves helping families all over Connecticut to narrow down their to-do lists and get their home HVAC systems in top shape.

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Air Conditioning Services in Windsor Locks, CT

Summer months can be rough even in Connecticut. What happens when your AC quits mid-summer? HARP can help. Our AC technicians are available 24/7 to answer your call in Windsor Locks. To avoid emergencies altogether, consider preventative maintenance for your home AC. Professional tune-up services ensure that your air conditioning system operates efficiently. These checkups also prevent breakdowns right as heat waves roll in.

Heating Services in Windsor Locks, CT

Tune-ups are crucial for your home heating system, too. With HARP, expert HVAC technicians in Windsor locks handle the repairs, installation, and upkeep of your home heater. Whether you have a furnace or boiler that’s posing a safety hazard or a smart thermostat that gives you a struggle, HARP techs can help.

Plumbing Services in Windsor Locks, CT

For many families, plumbing is an intimidating prospect. From leaky faucets to split pipes, a lot can go wrong. Especially in cold winter months when frozen pipes are common. HARP’s expert plumbers know their stuff. Between re-plumbing jobs during renovations and drain cleaning every day of the week, our certified plumbers can handle every task your pipes require.

Indoor Air Quality Services in Windsor Locks, CT

In addition to AC, heating, and plumbing services, we also provide indoor air quality services in Windsor Locks. Indoor air quality (IAQ) is the air quality in and around your home, and it relates to how it affects the health and safety of your family. Maintaining good home air quality through indoor air quality services offers multiple energy-related benefits. Using the HVAC system to improve your indoor air quality can lower your monthly energy bills. HARP has the tools and the expertise to thoroughly evaluate the state of your indoor air and accurately identify contaminants. We stock a variety of products including filtersUV bulbs, and air humidifiers to help keep your indoor air clean.

HARP Loves Windsor Locks

Windsor Locks, CT, 06088, is home to a handful of notable landmarks. Bradley International Airport is convenient, but the New England Air and Space Museum sheds light on the state’s history. And the views from Windsor Locks Canal State Park Trail are unbeatable.

These attractions are only part of what makes Windsor Locks unique. The folks here are a highlight of our time providing heating and cooling help to the neighborhood. HARP loves our customers and hopes to remain part of the fabric of the community for years to come.