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Furnace noises you should be scared of

Furnace noises you should be scared of

Fact: there are some sounds that you never want to hear in your home. For example, your child crying in the other room, a crash when you know the dog is in the kitchen, and the sports announcer on TV saying your team lost. While all those are bad enough, there are other sounds you should worry about, namely strange sounds coming from your furnace.

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Since certain furnace noises are a sign of a problem, these are some that you should be wary of.

Furnace Noises You Should be Scared Of


If your furnace lets out a loud bang when it cycles on, that could be a sign that its fuel source isn’t igniting the right way, typically because of a gas buildup. Since any gas issue can be very dangerous, the first thing you should do (if you hear this sound) is turn the unit off. Next, you should call your trusted HVAC technician for help.

Now, if the banging is coming from your ducts, then you don’t need to be as worried. Although they can be irritating, noisy ducts are not a sign of danger. However, there are ways to quiet them — you just have to ask a professional.


Rattling sounds in your furnace are most often caused by a loose component or some loose wiring inside your unit, which isn’t too serious of an issue. However, rattling can also be caused by a cracked heat exchanger that could be letting gas escape. Gas and your furnace’s ignition light can be a dangerous combination, therefore you should have this looked at ASAP.


If you hear the sound of metal scraping or grinding against other metal while your furnace runs, it may be a sign that something is wrong with your blower wheel. Whether the fan has loosened and is now hitting other parts of your unit or has broken entirely, this sound will only go away if the piece is repaired.


A rumbling furnace is a tell-tale sign that your gas burners need to be cleaned. Take a look inside your unit and see if the flue flame is blue. If it’s not, then your gas burners are too dirty and need some TLC.

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