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Summer is here, and we bet you can’t wait to get outside and enjoy the warm weather! However, after a long day in the sun, we doubt you want to come back to a house that is only a few degrees cooler than the outside. If you’re struggling with a warm home this summer, here are a few things you can do to help keep the house cool.

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Avoid Cooking

Obviously, you need to eat, but during the really hot days, consider ordering take out or cooking outside. Whether you’re using your stove or turning on your entire oven, cooking inside releases a lot of heat into your home. That will make your AC work harder to keep your home comfortable, or, if your AC is on the fritz, you’ll be stuck in an overly-hot house.

Turn on Your Fans

While your ceiling fans don’t actually cool the air in your home, they do help move it and improve your airflow so your home doesn’t feel as stuffy. Set the fans to spin clockwise in order to push cold air back down to your room. And once you leave that room, make sure to turn the fan off so you don’t waste energy.

Turn the Lights Off

Even the smallest lights emit heat, so unless it’s absolutely necessary, keep your lights off. If you have to turn your lights on during the day, make sure you’re using LED bulbs since they don’t give off as much heat.

Keep the Shades Closed

You may like having the sun wake you up in the morning, but that sunlight also puts heat into your home. While the sun is shining onto your house, keep your shades or blinds closed to block out any extra heat that you don’t want inside.

The best way to keep your home warm all summer long is by having an energy-efficient, well-running air conditioner. Our team of experienced technicians at HARP Home Services can provide you with a wide variety of expert AC services to ensure you have control over your indoor temperature and that you can depend on your cooling system all season long.